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JC's Martial Arts Training - Columbia City Indiana

JC's Martial Arts was so named to have a dual meaning. They happen to be our Master Instructor's initials (Jan Coverstone). They are also the initials of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We believe a Martial Art has no religious context, but is neutral. The practitioners apply their beliefs to the style they study. The arts themselves are not Buddhist or Christian, but a scientific application of the laws of physics applied through the body in motion.

The martial arts are a tool to be used in the development of the person studying them. The basic techniques are building blocks designed to coordinate the body, achieve muscle tone, develop balance and improve concentration. The classes are not always easy. People are urged to seek new heights in physical development, stamina and of course, improved techniques. The belt system, which consists of White, Purple (2 degrees), Green (3 degrees), Red (3 degrees) and Black (8 degrees) is designed to be accomplished by anyone who continues attending class. As a set program, it facilitates the development of goals and their acheivements while building confidence as a person progresses.

Our primary style is Sam Hamke Sa Do. Sam Hamke Sa Do has strong roots in the Korean martial art Tang Soo Do. We also apply many of the techniques taught in Jukido, Hapkido and Jujitsu.

The first two belts and degrees (White and Purple) are designed to build the physical techniques and develop coordination through basic training. The emphasis is on the physical aspects of the art.

The next belt and degrees (Green) is designed to apply advanced physical laws to the intermediate techniques. The emphasis is on advanced techniques and coordinating them with the motor nervous system: Thinking about which techniques work best in a given situation.

The final colored belt and degrees (Red) is the last before moving into the Dan or Black Belt level. The emphasis is on the principle behind the advanced techniques. Here the techniques are starting to become automatic. Exercises are designed to develop the autonomic nervous system making the techniques a reaction instead of thought out movements.

The first two Dan (Black) levels are a review of all the basic techniques with the emphasis on controlling your opponent with only the necessary force. This level also develops the understanding of all techniques coupled with the laws of motion and their application.

Throughout each level of advancement there remains a Senior to Junior relationship based on rank. Seniors have a responsibility to help Junior students develop while Junior students learn to rely on ans ask their Senior counterparts for help and instruction. The classroom allows NO prejudice and negative views or comments about anyone or anything will NOT be tolerated. Everyone is encouraged to progress at whatever rate they feel is adequate for them; There are no schedules or time limits on acheivement.

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