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JC's Martial Arts Training - Columbia City Indiana

Belt Rank and Requirements

White (9th Gup) Snow. The growth is hidden beneath a cover.

Purple 1 Stripe (8th Gup) The first buds of spring are starting to form.

Purple 2 Stripes (7th Gup)

Green 1 Stripe (6th Gup) Beginning to see growth. Growing from a bud to fruit requires time.

Green 2 Stripes (5th Gup) Suppleness in growth.

Green 3 Stripes (4th Gup) Strength in growth.

Red 1 Stripe (3rd Gup) Fruit. Compared to a green apple which slowly turns to red. While the color is changing on the outside, the flavor or character is developing on the inside.

Red 2 Stripes (2nd Gup)

Red 3 Stripes (1st Gup)

Black (1st Dan) Seeds. Time to replant and grow not only new seeds but to continue growth as a person.

Black 2 Stripes (2nd Dan)

Black 3 Stripes (3rd Dan)

Black 4 Stripes or Black with Red center Stripe (4th Dan Master) Learning to use power (understanding + execution of physics in every technique.)

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