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Grandmaster Jan Coverstone (8th Dan)

United States Federation of Pankration Athlima 2001 Hall of Fame Inductee

  On August 5, 1992 Master Coverstone was officially recognized as a Soke or Grandmaster of his own system (Sam Hamke Sa Do).  This was the result of seeking ways to improve the martial art of Tang Soo Do and by praying for wisdom and understanding.  Several events in the preceeding years led to this happening.  For fifteen or more years changes had been slowly made as understanding of principles and applications were revealed.  One event was having a chiropractor in class who was also a sports therapist.  He could explain why the principles worked because of his knowledge of anatomy.  He was ready for his Dan exam in another system when he came to Master Coverstone.  Another factor was meeting Jerry Winebrenner who with his brother, Gerry, are the only twins in the world to both be recognized as the founders of a system.  He is recognized by Bujikan organization and most major organizations in the world.
  Because of their rank and position they have the authority to recognize those who form their own system either by the natural progression of learning or by striving to do so.  Grandmaster Coverstone was the first they recognized as a founder and at that time Grandmaster Coverstone was one of twenty-six in the United States and one of the youngest in the world.  Grandmaster (Soke) Coverstone was asked to join their organization (Tai Ki Budo Kai) as the third founder of a system.

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