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What is good form?
    The proper joint alignment to produce successive muscle contractions to deliver maximum speed and power through the course of a technique.

Understanding Principles:

    Principle: a fundemental truth, law or doctrine.

    Critical Center

        Critical: applied to conditions to indicate a degree of intensity and significance.

        Center: a point around which something revolves (axis), a place of concentrated activity of influence.

Balance and fluidity in a standing or moving position while maintaining a posture requiring no recovery time and a limitless amount of techniques.

    Mechanics of Motion:

        Mechanics: the analysis of the action of forces on matter or material systems.

        Motion: a meaningful change in the position of the body or a part of the body.

Principles of Self-Defense:

    1. Move to the outside.
    2. Use speed, bodyweight (technique).
    3. Create an involuntary reaction.
    4. Control your opponent.

4 A's of Self-Defense:

    1. Awareness.
    2. Avoidance.
    3. Assessment.
    4. Action.

Joint Alignment:

    Example Forward Punch: Hip becomes a support point vs. a pivot point with alignment of ankle, knee, hip and shoulder in a straight line. (Note: shoulders do not turn as much as hips)

Principles of a Low Block:

    1. Head Snap: Field of vision.
    2. Fold: Protection.
    3. Come to Center: Balance.
    4. Motion: Away from attack.
    5. Body Weight: Power.

Principles: (Technique of moving to the outside)

    1. Not meeting force with force.
    2. Keeping yourself protected.
    3. Away from attack and weapons.

Purpose of Hyungs (Forms):

    White to Green Belt: Learn balance and body control.
    Red Belt: Learn reaction to a technique, focus.

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