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Tenents of Sam Hamke Sa Do

1. Always look ahead
          Life only travels in one direction. Do not let the past rob you of your future. Plan your life's path as much as possible; it is the road map of your journey.

2. Be honest with yourself
          It is possible to be fair, just and honest in dealing with others and never be honest with yourself. Eliminate excuses and be honest with yourself and then you will live honestly in all matters.

3. Do your best
          Your best is 100% effort plus 100% concentration combined with the necessary discipline. Don't cheat yourself by not striving to reach.

4. Strive for improvement positively
          Negative thoughts and attitudes are destructive to yourself and others. You need to mentally strive to improve.

5. Love
          Love is an action word. Make a difference in your world.

Premesis of Sam Hamke Sa Do

1. Body movement is the first avenue of self protection.

2. Blocks are safeties and introductory techniques.

3. Keep yourself as well protected as possible.

4. Increase your options and negate your oponents options.

5. Eliminate all unnecessary movement.

6. Respond with necessary conviction and action.

7. Control your self and control the situation.

Sam=Three; Hamke=Working Together; Sa=Four; Do=Way; Three working together with four way.

Heaven in cooperation with earth. God working with creation. The harmony of heaven and earth. Utilizing all in heaven and earth to grow.

Three [The number of God] Four [The number of creation]
3 Heavens Earth, Air, Fire, Water
3 In the trinity 4 Attacking limbs
Neh, Weh and Shim Gung 4 Directions
3 Necessities: Food, Air and Water 4 Stages: Child, Teen, Adult, Aged
3 Actions: Thought, Word and Deed 4 Gup colors
3 Parts: Body, Soul and Spirit 4 Dan levels to master
3 Time: Past, Present and Future 4 Dan levels to Grandmaster

Sam Hamke Sa Do was chosen as a name to represent the higher ideas of a martial art and not represent a person. Numbers were chosen because of the symbolic relationship and representative ideals. Both three and four have their own symbolism and when taken together they form the number seven. Although seven is not part of Sam Hamke Sa Do it is represented by the adding of three and four. Seven is the number of spiritual perfection. We strive for perfection with the small steps of our lives and with intersection with others and with God which leads us to higher avenues. It also represents the hidden aspects of an art as a whole which are not understood until the individual parts are understood and compiled or added together to make the whole.

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